And it begins!

I’m excited and scared at the same time! For someone who takes 3 years to fill up a journal, and upwards of a couple of weeks to answer email, a blog is a pretty big step. But I’m so inspired by those who do blog, and love the idea of having project notes available all in one place, so I remember what I did to pattern X the last time I used it…

My intent is to have this mainly be a repository of the joys and frustrations and finished objects of the knit and sewn persuasion. I reserve the right to change my mind though! And part of this first post will already be a diversion:

Meet mini-me (aka mini-Tumblina – one of my more frequent nom-de-plumes ;))

Inspired most recently by tumblyday’s Travels with Swatchy, I too have a (one only!) representative to go where I cannot. My friends are off on a retreat next weekend (cottage and lobster and dancing are highlighted!), which is too far, too long, and way too intense for this body, but MT can arrive in fine style and won’t fall asleep before the party begins!

I had originally intended a simple, quick to whip up doll, but not having made a doll since I was about 12, I started looking for free patterns. The first one to catch my eye was a scan of a 1940’s transfer pattern – doll, pajama pattern, top, jumper, nurse’s uniform, shoes and underwear (link here). She ended up being a little more work than I had planned on, and isn’t wearing the most coordinated of outfits (shows me for getting rid of my scraps!), but I love how she turned out. I’ve been promised many pictures from the retreat!!


One thought on “And it begins!

  1. Happy blogging! I saw your new blog post at the Stitcher’s Guild.

    I knit and sew, but hardly sew at all just have all the junk for it hoping to become inspired again at some point. Right now, I’d rather just knit. =0)

    L. Marks

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