The Plan (or a bit thereof)

I started the SWAP with a storyboard. I love the idea of a plan for the Plan. I love the little pictures. I loved the idea of being able to mentally tick off each one.

The storyboard lasted about a week.

I only had two jacket patterns (not being much of a jacket wearer), neither of which went really well with the one-side-suedey, one-side-satiny poly fabric (is there a name for it??) in a very light beige. My mom offered to let me use her McCall’s 4599 (a curved front, asian style jacket) that I liked.

A day or two later I remembered a tunic pattern that I had that I liked (but didn’t know what to make it out of – must be way out of print by now):

And I remembered the dark brown rayon in the stash… (planning on the sleeveless version, but with the little v notch like the upper left view).

Then my choice of raw materials forced another change (well, it forced quite a few before this, but you didn’t know about those ideas…). I got a large oatmeal-coloured linen dress from Value Village for the fabric (love linen, love off-white with shots of light brown in it), part of which debuted as the halter top in the previous post. I had intended to make the skirt from the same pattern out of it (even if it turned out much shorter), but I only had the back of the skirt panels from the dress left over. OK, enter Simplicity 4753:

which was already in the Plan, but for a different fabric combo (hopefully still will be). Wouldn’t it work out great to have the linen as the flared bottom, and the dark brown rayon from the tunic as the yoke?

Maybe, but there isn’t enough linen for the flare. So the linen is going to be the yoke, and the dark brown the flare. I did sketch it out on my croquis, and it may end up working out better this way! Depending on where the yoke ends, wearing the skirt with the tunic may show up as all dark brown (maybe some peaks of oatmeal if there are side vents), and yet with the halter top, the yoke should visually merge in with the ‘skirt’ at the bottom of the halter.

I’ve got the yoke and facings cut out for the skirt, I haven’t checked though that I have enough dark brown for both the flare and the tunic – wish me luck!!


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