Two different kinds of departures in the last couple of days.

First, to the frog pond. Last year, I had a great idea (I still like it, and I’m still going to do it again): make up a bunch of ‘dishcloth’ squares with animal patterns on them (dishcloth patterns are available all over the web), mix them up with some lace squares and make baby blankets out of them. I even had a bunch of cotton to use up.

Problem: the cotton I had was dark navy, dark purple, white, off white, and yellow. I made the animal squares out of the dark colours, and the lace panels (‘butterfly lace’, I thought it went with the theme!) out of the white and yellow. Then I started laying them out and realized the contrast was very high, and you only noticed the lace panels, not the animals. OK, attempt number two – just make it up with the animal squares. The sizing worked out just fine…

But the result, definitely not the finest. First of all, I only had enough purple for 4 squares, and the 4X3 layout didn’t give an obvious place to put them (besides all in the centre column). Second, they are all very dark. Third, the animals don’t show up even without the bright square contrast – the yarn is too flat and too dark to make them pop.

I tried playing around with the contrast and sharpness settings to see if you could see them at all, still not showing up!

So, on the advent of a friend’s imminent baby shower, it’s getting pulled apart and remade into a peapod sweater and hat!

The second kind of departure is also well known: departure from The Plan. Yes, I have much sewing in the queue. Yes, I have another 5 knitting projects on the needles, not counting the baby sweater. But I started going through some stuff, determined to be ruthless and declutter…

I found the Honeymoon Cami (pattern free on I had made out of a silk and angora blend a few years ago. Just like the cross-over cardigan I made from the same yarn, it grew and grew… So I had put it in the box of next-things-to-do to remake using smaller needles. Having recently remade the cardigan, I’ve learned my lesson on doing the same thing, using the same yarn, twice. Very painful. Out comes the pencil and notebook, and the fingers fly through the bookmarks and the files and the paper patterns. And I kept coming back to the Honeymoon Cami, because I really did like the shape of it (I made another in cotton and really like that one). So I decided to make the main body, up to an empire line, in feather and fan lace (shaping or not is still to be determined based on how much the lace stretches), then make the top the same as the HC. On top of which I decided that the end result would be more wearable if I only used one strand (2ply, maybe fingering weight) vs 2 (worsted-ish). The swatches ended up somewhere on the order of 6.5-7 sts/in on 3.25mm needles (yeah, that’s Canadian for ya – arbitrary mix of units, yet always the same ones for the same things – gauge is in US/imperial, needle size in mm, height and weight in feet and pounds, distance in km, temperature in celcius…). So this will definitely be a longer term project:

But what a cute beginning!


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