Skirt #1 is Finished!!

The “not enough fabric” saga has a happy ending.

Simplicity 4753, view D (knee-length with uneven hem). Taken in just a touch from the size my hip measurement called for (3/4″ side seams instead of 5/8″), but that could be because of the loose weave nature of the linen used for the yoke. The front darts were let out to 1/8″, basically just for show, to accommodate my little tummy.

I set the top around my belly-button, since that’s where I like it! The pattern was said to be 1″ below waist, but since I have a high waist, I don’t know where that would fall “normally”. I didn’t like the look of the yoke dominating – in the pattern outline it looks like the flare and the yoke are about of equal depth, but the first trial of this skirt seemed to be mostly yoke (the colour change could have had something to do with that!). So I attached the flare higher up on the skirt than was called for (chopped 1 5/8″ off the bottom of the yoke). I would have liked to have done a narrower hem at the bottom of the flare for that extra bit of length (5/8″ doubled hem called for), but the rayon was too stiff in small spaces to allow for it).

I topstitched the yoke join seam with the dark brown thread to bring the colour up a bit more and link it together. I thought about a series of little covered buttons along that line on one side, but I don’t know if I want to emphasize the horizontal much more!

Finally, the first ‘ensemble’ (second one will come with the tunic top in the dark brown rayon as yet unsewn):


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