Duro is Done!!!!

And I’m wearing it now!

I ended up not making many alterations on this one. Straight size 12. I shortened the sleeves about 2″ before I attached the sleeve bands, and I used all the facings to enclose their respective hems (I tried to pin them down, then stitch-in-the-ditch from the front, but the wrong side isn’t very pretty – next time I do something like this I’ll try using the wash-away wonder tape to keep the facings in the proper place!). The pattern has the ties single-piece, with doubled hem around the edges – many people have doubled them so that there’s always a right side showing. I was going to do this too, but only had enough of my contrast fabric to do this if I pieced at least one side. Since the print looked identical right and wrong sides, I went back to the original pattern instructions. I did make them longer though – there’s enough room now to cross them in back and knot them in front if I like (easier to sit in!).

I also added pockets, inspired by a Dress A Day tutorial:

The pocket ends up more along my side than I had anticipated because of the ease in the skirt, but that works too!

Pattern – Simplicity 4072
Fabric – light blue brushed cotton with lycra, and a dark blue rayon batik from a second hand dress


3 thoughts on “Duro is Done!!!!

  1. Very nice! I like the idea of the longer ties so they can be tied in front — I think everyone’s had a knot in their back at some point in their life 😉

  2. I really, really like that. Suits you great, and the colours you’ve used are really good together. i think I have this pattern at home, if the pictures on the front have a dark-haired woman wearing hippy/paisleyish dresses. There are about 4 variations?

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