Wrap skirt

This is an idea I had for a little while. I also had a large piece of stretchy, intense blue cotton, which I was going to make a dress out of. Which I kept putting off. Which rang alarm bells for me (if I’m not excited about it now, it probably won’t get worn later!). The fabric and the idea hit each other, and fireworks went off!

I ended up drafting an ankle-length a-line skirt with the hem measurement from a favourite 8-gore skirt I have. Cut out two fronts, on on the fold and one cut up the centre front. Attached the halved front pieces to the back, bound the top with a 2″ double folded strip of self-fabric, which also became the ties, and buttoned the solid front piece to the side seams of the wrap. A much more detailed explanation can be found on my craftster tutorial.

What surprised me (shouldn’t have!) was that the front panel doesn’t stay put – which means the effective bottom hem width is much wider than I designed for, and a lot more leg gets shown than I would have expected! Love it anyway. If it gets annoying, I’ll just add more buttons down the side seams and hold the front panel in place farther down.

I wore this with the puffed sleeve blouse posted earlier – but I ended up making a belt out of the bright blue cotton to add some waist definition. Without it I was A-line from the bust… a kind of fir tree shape in fact. No pictures yet, I was too tired when I got home!


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