Finishing the Big Yellow Monstrocity

(and yes, I know that the name is repetative – having a large, bright yellow, very hairy mohair shawl in your lap in August requires many adjectives!)

Stats: Finished size 72″x28″ (180 cm x 70 cm).
Pattern: “Scarf with No. 20 Edging …” from Victorian Lace Today
Yarn: Emu Filigree Supreme (Mohair, Wool, Nylon), I have 2 25g balls left over (must check back at the old post to find out how many I started with!), on 5mm needles.
Alterations: extra 10 rows in the centre panel (misremembered the pattern!), reduced the number of edging repeats from 22 to 18 to make up for the thicker yarn and larger gauge. I only did chain 2 for each crochet picot on the ends, the 3rd chain made it too big and loopy with my materials for my taste (it’s hard to see from the photos, as the edge is angled up slightly).

I’m waiting until November to decide whether I want to overdye it. Even though it’s not my colour, I may want the burst of sunshine to chase away the winter grey!

As a parting pic – my recent score at the local Value Village! I’m guessing one 40’s (even had a “War Bulletin” printed in the front cover), one 50’s, 2 60’s, and a 70’s. The 40’s one has two sweaters with “sock heel shoulders!” (really what it says – gives very neat 40’s-esque square shoulders).


4 thoughts on “Finishing the Big Yellow Monstrocity

  1. J I love the socks…I must know when you get the pattern written since someday* (Ha) I’m going to actually knit socks.
    Love the VLT shawl – don’t know that I can quite type “monstrocity” to reference something so beautiful.

  2. Thanks for you comment on my Frog top. Pastels remind me of candy. Yum. hehe.
    Your scarf if absolutely lovely!

  3. What a fab shawl! I know what you mean about yellow, I used to feel the same way about orange…Those patterns look fabulous!

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