The Attention Span of a Gnat

Some days I can hyperfocus on something for a few hours and not realize the time going by.

Some days I can’t finish a sentence without getting lost.

Some days I’m hyperfocused and lost at the same time…

and I think the last few days have been pretty much in that last catagory.

Which became a problem, as I hit snags in the WIPs (works in progress): I’m almost done the second sleeve of Arwen, but the cables don’t seem to be at the right place (50% of the time there is no problem, my head is just messed up, and 50% of the time it requires minor or major surgery – I just can’t figure out what it is right now!); the cami I’m designing requires shaping decisions; the socks are in the middle of a top-down heel (I’m usually a toe-up girl); and DH’s Durrow requires a decision on ripping back the whole sleeve and redoing it, or accepting the 1″ difference in sleeve lengths, which I don’t think is a good thing to decide on when you aren’t thinking clearly. Don’t even think about writing up the patterns – attention to detail, anyone?

And knitting is supposed to be my “as long as I can hold my hands up, I can get something done” activity. So, what’s a gal to do, but cast something else on, something else that has no problems with it yet?

(Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts)

I don’t think I should be allowed to cast on without running the idea past someone else first. Sure, this was the project I was most thinking about in my queue. Sure, I’d already dyed the yarn and balled it up. Sure, I was excited to try colourwork.

See that? Try colourwork. First time besides swatches in about 15 years. And those teenaged projects didn’t turn out so well. This pattern was often sited as a good one to start with for colourwork – it’s small with minimal shaping. But I’m trying to do the one-colour-in-each-hand method (wait a minute, haven’t done much throwing/English style knitting either), and trying to juggle the double pointed needles along with yarn in each hand is proving to be quite the brain teaser. How do you switch needles without dropping one of the yarns? Now, a smart woman would at least drop the yarn from her habitual hand so as to make it easier to pick up again, but habit is a hard thing to break – I’m so used to using my right hand to make the stitches and switch the needles and the left to hold the yarn, that I keep tangling the yarn in my right as I’m manipulating the needles and dropping it to switch them. (Just goes to show how small and fast the project is, that even with all that I’m already up to the thumb increases.)

So, if you are looking for me, I’ll be the one in the corner with pretty fingerless mitts, and her brain oozing out her ears!


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