Gnat’s Reward

The upside of of needing to start something new! The first Endpaper Mitt is done, and a pretty fine specimen if I do say so myself.

And just to show that I haven’t succumbed to “second mitten syndrome” – first repeat of mitt #2 was completed on the balcony this afternoon. I don’t think you could get second mitten syndrome, these things go too quickly to get bored of them before the second one is done.

I followed the instructions for the Italian Tubular Cast-On, and I think I got it working alright. First mitt looks a little better at the moment, but that may be partly because I’ve stretched it trying it on. The sewn tubular cast off though, I had a bit of trouble with! One day I’ll figure out why, but since I figured out it was just a regular kitchener graft of the heads of the knits with the heads of the purls, I separated the knits and purls onto separate needles and did what I already knew how to do. I’m pretty sure one of the sock patterns I’ve done told me how to do that. Much better looking (left hand side!) and stretches better as well.

I was going for a “medium”, but with my yarn I ended up using the “small” needle sizes (2.75mm and 2mm) – the end result is a width that’s in between small and medium (and fits great!), and a length that is as stated for the medium on the top half, but longer than expected on the bottom half – I’ll have to watch the second one and make sure it isn’t a tension change!

Arwen? There was no problem. Cables were as they should be, so I finished up the sleeve while I was at it. Hood is next!!


2 thoughts on “Gnat’s Reward

  1. Those gloves are really nice, I’m embracing a kind of bumble-bee trend at the moment so hoorah! And that’s a pretty sexy sleeve.

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