Lasa Shawl Headband

The new Magknits is up – and my first design is in it!!!!!

Lása Shawl Headband

I haven’t gone over it with a fine tooth comb yet, but one thing did jump out at me – apparently they only use black and white for the charts, and colour was pretty important to one section of mine!! I’ll have to see what can be done about the Magknits version, but in the mean time, here are the colour versions (click for much larger pictures!)***ETA: Wow, that was fast – there was no problem to fix, and she did it in an instant! Well, I’ll keep the charts here, because it’s often helpful to be able to blow them up large – much easier to read that way. I may also rewrite them with better symbols, rather than just ascii characters – let me know if you’d like it sooner than later!

And by request:

Schematic, with dimensions.

Close up of corner edging.


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