A Scarf, and Pattern-Worm*

Ah, the benefits of helping a generous mom organize her new sewing room! Two autumn shade Paton’s SWS (Soy Wool Stripes) sorta came home with me. And before you could blink, became My So Called Scarf. At the moment, I’m planning on keeping it too – how did I get so far in my knitting journey while still using the same store-bought scarf I’ve had since high school?

so called scarf

sws scarf end

sws scarf middle

Stats: pattern listed above (easy-peasy!), 2 balls of Paton’s SWS, colour 70605, 7.5mm needles (no corresponding US size – between 10.5 and 11), ended up blocked to about 6″x54″ (15x140cm).

(As for the yarn – silky, soft, shiney, pretty colours – 3 knots in the first ball, one in the second. All but one of the knots were pretty close in colour sequence though, so I didn’t lose too much yarn. There was no bleeding in the water, and so far no pilling.)

Then, last week and the beginning of this week, I was ill – so my defences may have been low. I’ve been patiently waiting for the “Fitted Knits” book to arrive from the library to make the U-Necked Back-to-School Vest (check out the knit along blog for many wonderful reditions). It’s still not here. But the idea wouldn’t let go, and I really wanted a warm torso NOW, so I pulled out the cones of yarn I recently found at my neighbourhood second hand shop.

Reasons why I shouldn’t do this:
1. no pattern
2. the cone yarn is highly spun, stiff, and very scratchy (rug yarn?)
3. the swatch says, with doubled yarn, I need to use 4mm needles for a reasonable fabric – the only circular I have in 4mm is too slippery for this yarn

What do I do?

back-to-school swatch

1. look at the pictures – since I’d have to rewrite the pattern for the smaller gauge anyway, why not just start from scratch? It’s can easily be a tube with several stitch patterns I recognize – I may or may not put in the bust darts, not like I need them.

2. well, it’s a vest – it’s over top of other things, scratchy shouldn’t be a problem

3. knit it on straights, in two pieces. This part I’m not entirely happy about, because of the tube effect of the reverse stockinette – stockinette – reverse stockinette bands at the bottom, midriff, and edges. There will very likely be a lump over the seam which won’t roll properly.

In testimony to the tenacity of the idea – I’m 7″ up the back already. Maybe I’ll make it again later, properly.

(*pattern-worm is in relation to “earworm” – where something keeps repeating in your head like a snippit of a song and won’t let go)


2 thoughts on “A Scarf, and Pattern-Worm*

  1. Can hardly wait to see where your new term will show up next!

    Really like the scarf…always so nice to see how the colours display themselves in the pattern.

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