Bit Scattered

but then, what else is new?

Things seem to be slowing down on the knitting front:

Almost done the back of the vest. Which, in the tradition of Murphy means that the library just ordered a few new copies of Fitted Knits and mine is in transit to my branch as we speak – I was predicting another 6 months recently! I guess I can check how off my guestimate dimensions are!!

Working on the 3nd try at a cabled sock pattern – a little annoying when something doesn’t work out on the other side of the heel and it gets ripped out *again*.

Durrow has been pulled out of the mothballs, the first sleeve frogged, and the body size checked again to make sure it’s ok. Time to figure out where I was!

Then last weekend I talked with my FIL, and he wants a sweater! We’ll have to see how a transatlantic email discussion works for sweater design…

So all this scattered attention on the knitting might have set me up for the 15 page “SWAP 2008” thread over at Stitcher’s Guild. What’s better for lack of focus than a focused plan? Especially when that focussed plan is in a totally different medium. I’m hearing the siren call of the SWAP… it worked so well last summer to get me inspired and turning out finished objects! Then again, what I need right now is comfy and warm, so maybe I shouldn’t get too pulled away from the yarn.

Hmmm – combined sewing and knitting SWAP? Would that make it a SKWAP?


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