Wardrobe Staple

… and the end to the going-on-forever vest! It’s not an exciting colour, the materials were nasty to work with, but I think the end result is something that will end up with a lot of use:

It’s sitting in soapy water at the moment in an attempt to de-dust the wool, and perhaps get a little blocking in there too! A conditioner rinse will do a final stab at making the wool less prickly, but I’m thinking this is going to have to be an over-something-always kind of vest.

A pleasant surprise – the side seams didn’t disrupt the bottom or midriff bands nearly as much as I feared! Of course I found a 4mm circular in time for the neck and sleeve edgings… Ah, well, what can you do?

Details: pattern based on pictures of Stephanie Japel’s Back-to-school U-Neck Vest (from Fitted Knits), so there are extensive modifications (see previous posts!); 4mm needles and two strands of coned wool from VV, ~22sts/4″


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