Durrow Frustrations (and New Yarn!)

Ah, Durrow. So lovely, so fraught with troubles. After a 6 month hiatus for gauge change issues under the couch, still you do not cooperate.

The good thing about doing both sleeves at the same time is that the gauges are the same (these are actually the same length!), and what you do to one, you do to the other. The bad thing is when you do the same wrong thing to each!! After a couple of minor rip-backs, I’ve just discovered I took the raglan shaping too far, and have to pull back the last 10 rows or so on both to correct it. Sigh. I will do this now, since taking a break obviously isn’t solving the problem!!

With better news (at least so far):

Yum. Cascade 220 colour#2410. Newly arrived for the start of FIL’s cardigan (commissioned!). I got the whole bag (10 skeins) just in case – cables eat yarn – but I may be putting a ballwinder and swift much higher up on my priority list after hand winding 2200 yards!


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