The Answer was No

… I didn’t get the sweater done before the 25th.

But it didn’t matter, because the recipient went right back to bed after breakfast and had a nice long nap – so it was finished on the 25th!!!

DH (aka The Ham), posing with his new sweater:

And a non-flash, slightly blurry, very bad colour photo that actually shows the sweater!

Details: Durrow from MagKnits, made with Robin Knits DK weight acrylic, dark green, on 4.5mm needles (gauge waaaay different than the pattern specifies!). Still have plenty left over from 6 100g balls. Alterations: made the XLarge numbers, which turned into Medium width, XLarge length with the gauge that I had; really futzed with the raglan shaping, and threw together the neckline at the 11th hour hoping it would turn out ok… well, it looks like a sweater – good enough for me!

The long ago mentioned secret knitting:

TA DA! OK, they look better IRL. Somehow the camera picks up every tension inconsistency in switching colours! These weren’t blocked at the time of photographing, I’m afraid I had to leave that for my sister to do so they were wrapped in time for her to take back with her.

Details: Endpaper Mitts, recycled wool (light blue variegated was handdyed with food colouring), between small and medium size, tops shortened so that A could stretch her fingers while playing the flute. She loves them!

And over the holidays, my mom, dad, other sister and myself crocheted squares for a prayer shawl for an extended family member who’s going through a really rough time.

Can I just say (a) crochet IS much faster than knitting, and (b) sharing the project is a lot faster and a lot more fun. I think we had this done in 3 days, and that was with a lot of slacking off. There were more jokes and stories woven into this than outright prayers, but I think that counts too.

On the knitting pile now (and likely to be fairly monogamous) – the cardigan for my FIL. This pic is of the bottom of both sleeves (knitting both at the same time on a circular needle – hey, I learned my gauge lesson last time!) on the left, and a piece of the swatch-to-end-all-swatches on the right (had to test out stitch patterns!):

I’m loving the Cascade 220 so far, and I’m pleased with how the sleeves are turning out. FIL will be happy there’s some progress!


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