The Other Reason for Not Posting

The always exciting, and often scary Startitus:

A crochet jacket made from a 1960’s pattern (drastically altered). All the pieces are finished, the front/back blocked. Sleeves and collar needs blocking, needs sewing together, buttons need to be added. So it lives on the back of my couch!

Brea bag. Body done. Base/start of strap almost done – except I don’t want a purchased handle for this one, so I’m trying to figure out the best way to make one. Crochet, I think. But that’s as far as I’ve thought! Also needs blocking and sewing. And a liner. And a zipper.

This is the swatch for a quite-a-bit altered Hepburn Sweater from Lace Style. First of all, it’s in worsted weight instead of sport.

The story goes like this. There used to be a craft store chain around here called Lewiscraft. They folded, and had a going-out-of-business sale soon after we moved here. DH asked for blue yarn – and all they had that wasn’t glittery or fake-fur was this Mary Maxim Starlette worsted (medium blue, acrylic – which is good because DH is allergic to wool!). Well, when I get home, he’s kinda shocked. First off he meant green, even though he said blue. And second, my idea of “medium blue” is not on his manly radar. So mine it is! Turns out it’s a good thing he didn’t want it, because as I started swatching, it looked/felt slightly chenille. It’s really hard to capture, because it’s not full-on one way or another, but it’s definitely not just smooth yarn. In any case, since my skin doesn’t deal well with low-air-flow, I knew I had to go with something lacy. And since I had 6 balls, I was going for a sweater – it’s not too often I have enough yarn for a sweater! After weeding through what patterns I had, it came down to the Lace Cardigan from Vintage Knits, and the Hepburn Sweater from Lace Style. And the swatch said Hepburn! I’ve finished one sleeve and am almost halfway up the second now – usually I do them at the same time, but I wasn’t certain this was going to work out. So far I’m loving it! Intense and faintly shimmery. They are 3/4 length sleeves, and I think I’m going to do the body un-lacy up to an empire line. I think it’ll be a nice spring sweater!

The sewing front is warming up again – DH needs dress shirts. I’ve used a RTW one that he likes to redraft the McCalls pattern I’ve been using – only to find out I’m missing half the pieces. I redrafted the collar, cuffs, and pocket using the shirt, cut everything out, went to start sewing yesterday, only to find out there was a separate buttonhole placket that I have no pattern for! I’m thinking of using the extra extension on the left front, the same as the fold-back facing on the right front – a cut-on placket if you will. Will take some more thinking…

And I’m progressing slowly on the cardigan for my father-in-law. Sleeves are fixed, body is knit up to the armholes, and the fronts are now past the armhole shaping. Why did I marry into a family with such tall men?


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