Monday: Forward

I thought I’d try a new blogging schedule:
Mondays – looking forward to future projects
Wednesdays – presently working on an newly finished objects
Fridays – past projects that were completed before this blog started!

Now, I’m sure I can come up with at least a year of Mondays (my Ravelry queue alone could probably handle that!), but Fridays will be dependent on what I actually took pictures of (at least those projects that are no longer in my possession…), and might run out faster.

Sewing: a Vogue top (view C, the blue one), that I’ve had on the list for a while. I’ve even had it cut out (bright blue cotton with stretch!) and serged the edges for at least a month or two… So I think after DH’s shirt is done, it’s first on the block!!

Yarn: It’s a bad picture, but it’s the Victorian Shrug+Wrap in the new Crochet Me book. Newest project I’ve fallen in love with! I’m thinking with the shrug part in one stitch pattern, and the bottom lace another, I might be able to do it in two different yarns – which makes it easier to manage with recycled yarn. Have to see what I’ve got…

I am also considering joining in the Capsule Contest over at Stitcher’s Guild for June: 4 items (one must be a bottom, one a top) and an accessory, no black! I’m hoping I can pull out 4 matching things from my stash. Oooo – wouldn’t it be fun to make a big white lace hat as the accessory? The Garbo hat in Lace Style might be an option – although crochet is faster. Will have to see what I can find!


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