Present: Slowly Plodding Along

Sadly, not much progress on the WIPs:

– FIL sweater is aaaaaaaaalllllmost done the main body. The fronts are done, the back is a few rows short of the shoulder/neck bindoff (well as soon as I figure out the neckline!)

– Brea Bag lining is cut out, still haven’t sorted out what kind of strap to put on it.

– DH’s shirt now has sleeve plackets, and a narrow hem on the bottom of each body piece (I’m going to try and do flat felled seams on the armhole and side seams). I followed Liana’s method that she wrote out on the old Sewing World site for the narrow hem (she made up an encyclopaedic post over on Stitcher’s Guild here, and her blog is Sew Intriguing)

First, line up the fronts to see if one has to be trimmed even. Then run the bottoms through the serger straight (sorry about the pic, forgot to put on the macro setting!):

Turn the hem at the edge of the serging, and do a 3-step zigzag to attach (so there won’t be a solid stitching line to show through):

Then turn again, and stitch down – voila, narrow hem, no pressing needed as you go:

(well no pressing except for me, who’s fabric has quite a lot of stretch, so it kept waving!)

In other news…

I’ve signed up for the June Capsule Contest at Stitcher’s Guild! 4 garments and an accessory in the month of June. A sneak peak at my storyboard (has options, since I’m not sure how much fabric I’ve got):

Now I’ve really got to get off the computer – long day tomorrow!


One thought on “Present: Slowly Plodding Along

  1. Sound like you greatly understate your progress! Sure seems like a lot of happenings to me.

    I like that little seaming tutorial and I love your little story-board!

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