Past: Union Square Market Pullover

… altered, of course ;).

Not in the essentials – I loved the essentials! But I was given a bag of DK weight yarn, and this required fingering if I remember correctly…

The original pattern is in IK Fall 2005 magazine, designed by Kate Gilbert (I love her stuff!).

A number of previous knitters found that the flares on the sleeves were too big for comfort, so I remember toning those down. My brief notes also say that I shortened the sleeves (14 rows? at my gauge that would have made it about 2″, but that could have been yarn/gauge problems more than pattern issue), and lengthened the body by an inch.

The sleeves were done on my homemade dowel dpns (which means they were slightly bigger than 4.5mm, but smaller than 5mm), and the body done on the 4.5mm circular – so I had to plot each section separately on graph paper because the gauge changed! I picked a larger gauge than normal for the yarn to give it the drape it needed to mimic the lighter yarn in the original.

I love it!

Except… the larger gauge coupled with the slipperiness of the yarn = bagged out elbows pretty quick. Am considering lining options.

The yarn is Paton’s DK DiplomaGold. A wool blend that’s machine washable – except don’t do that. It fuzzes up with machine washing!! Machine washing also pulled out my twisted-rope button “holes”, so I just pulled them out and used straight yarn – my yarn was thicker than theirs already anyway.

I might one day make this again (it’s so distinctive a sweater, I probably don’t need two in my closet at the same time) – this time with the lighter yarn and tighter gauge!


2 thoughts on “Past: Union Square Market Pullover

  1. That looks great on you.
    I knit the whole body in DB baby cashmerino, hated the weight and texture of the knit fabric so ripped the whole thing apart.

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