Wistful Future

I’m sure a lot of people indulge in the makings of fantasy projects…

I bought this pattern years ago (Vogue 1940 – sadly not enough people were indulging in the fantasy – it’s out of print!). Jersey fabric – wouldn’t that make the most comfortable evening dress ever? I love the swooped straps of the green version.

Sadly, after years of not finding affordable enough knit fabric with just the right heft but not too much stretch, I’ve come to realize I don’t have the lifestyle for this dress either! I have a dark green stretch velour, a navy satin ankle-length princess seam gown, and the revamp of my wedding dress (chiffon over satin) hanging in my closet ready to jump out for a night of fine dining and dancing – and there they sit. OK, so I admit to a couple of dinners at home where they made an entrance, just because I wanted to! But, really, a fourth?


Well, at least the idea was nice after a day of sorting buttons for DH’s shirt!

GAGH!!! That’s where it would be handy to have kids! “Hey, guys, I’ve got a great game…”


3 thoughts on “Wistful Future

  1. I agree re: the swooped straps on the green version — love the asymmetry!

    (something happened the first time I posted, so this may show up twice???)

  2. hey – _I_ have the lifestyle for that dress – or possibly could find a way to fit it in, if you want a project… 🙂

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