Future: Vintage Dress

Near future, I hope!

Last weekend my mom and dad came to visit!! Even better, my mom left a bag of vintage sewing patterns, and a bag of vintage knitting pattern books in her wake!

Drool worthy, or what?

And just may solve that nasty problem of “what to wear” at a couple of weddings I may be attending this August! I have a gauzy light blue fabric (probably at least somewhat cotton), with white threads streaking through it. I’m thinking contrast white cuffs on the sleeves. Here I am taking pics of it with the two zippers I have long enough for the side closure, trying to figure out the best one.

It’s a lapped zipper application, so technically one shouldn’t see the zipper at all – but that isn’t always the case when twisting about, or bending, or other life events. The second one won’t scream “look at me” since it’s muted, but it doesn’t match the colour at all. The white looks amazing with the white threads in the fabric, but would be pretty obvious! I do have invisible zippers – anyone ever put one in to a side-opening dress before?

So, then I get to pulling out pattern pieces to make sure I have enough fabric.

Uh, oh. Someone just shoved a whack of tissue paper in the envelope…

Then a little piece fell out…

UNPRINTED PATTERN! Never used one of those before… So I spent Saturday on the floor, with tiled white paper sheets on the ground for contrast, pattern piece on top (ironed, carefully – these things are fragile! Why didn’t they print on acid free paper?!), then Burda gridded tissue paper on top to easily mark grainlines and alter. Traced in pencil, so that nothing would bleed through to the original.

The pattern is a size 14. Which at the time meant 33-26.5-35. Yup, got some grading up to do! I did the skirt while the pieces were being traced – with this kind of skirt, the hip number didn’t matter, I just needed to add through the torso. With 8 seams (and two sides to each seam), it was a miniscule change. I’m going to have to fit this on me, because my scissors aren’t that accurate! The problem is the bodice, which is rather funky. I think I’m going to test it out on a sheet and figure out where to add.

Some funny tidbits I found along the way:

Saw this and thought soaker, right? (Goes over baby’s cloth diapers.) Check out the hip sizes! LADIES knitted undergauchies! Sorry, not looking to pick out wool fluff from down there, but thanks ;).

This doesn’t bode well…

GAGH! Where’s “You Knit What?” when you need it?


4 thoughts on “Future: Vintage Dress

  1. ROFL…wonder if any guy ever wore that poncho! Looks like you found a lot of treasure.

    Love the dress and your choice of fabric! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pattern with no lines. Does it have a date? An invisible zipper should work well, they’re just sometimes a bit awkward to put in.

  2. No date, but the lines suggest 50’s. It was a Leading Designer Pattern from The Star Weekly Pattern Department – so it may be that the newspaper offerings didn’t switch to the printed patterns until much later than the direct pattern company sales.

    I’m trying to figure out how it would be cheaper NOT to print! Cutting out all the pieces, putting in all the different sized holes and notches instead of lines…

    I’ve put invisible zippers in quite a few things – but this is a typical early side-zip application – there’s no opening above or below it. It just opens up the waist line. So I’m not quite sure how I’d put in an invisible in that case!

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