Past: Panta

This was one of the first things I took pictures of with my brand new, first ever, digital camera (so I’m guessing I finished it around March 2007). It was also the first (and so far, only) thing I’d made with my “cheater” handspun.

Woah. Back up there.

I had seen tutorials online for making a spindle out of CDs, a grommet, and a dowel (like this one at DIY Network – except I used a cup hook instead of a bent eyelet at the top).

Fun! But I had no fibre to play with.

What I did have, was lots of bulky/super bulky yarn reclaimed from ski sweaters.

It was 3 or 4 ply (altered randomly throughout the sweater!), very loosely spun wool. I don’t like using bulky that much, and I had A LOT (thanks to DH’s lovely support of my craft, he kept coming home with more sweaters for me to unravel!!).

Wait. If I use only two of those plies…

Left: original yarn. Right: unplied, respun each single on the CD spindle, then plied two singles together on the CD spindle = worsted weight yarn!! I call it my cheater handspun, because I didn’t need to get it even – it already came in a relatively constant thickness – and I think that’s the tricky part (actually, relatively is a loose term here, there were quite a few more variations than you’d see in most commercial made yarn). I just had to get the amount of twist fairly even.

Add a little red and blue food colouring with a shot of vinegar, zap in the microwave (just like Kool Aid dyeing, only with added vinegar – Kool Aid comes with acid in it) -> hand dyed, hand “spun” wool!

And in my first attempt of many to make a workable hairband –

An altered version of the pattern buried in a huge long link – I have a vague recollection of the english version of the pattern showing up around page 27 – but it’s been over a year, so I’m probably making that up! The original has more spines, and consequently flares out much thicker (like a hat for coverage across the top of the head) – which I wasn’t looking for. So I cut down on the cast-on numbers and only did three knit spines to keep it more in the hairband region.

Verdict: It’s very cute. It’s also extremely warm. Should have made it as a “hat” ;).


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