Due to Popular Request…

(ok, due to one request – but around here, that’s popular!! So Em from Stitcher’s Guild, here you go!)

Part 1 of ? of the vintage pattern haul.

These are the other dresses that were in contention for making up soon. I do still have some mint rayon that needs to be a dress, but I’m not sure I could get away with THIS much mint…

McCall’s 4597, marked “Easy to Sew”. Size 14 (34-26-36), which is in a different proportion to the 14 I’m making up now (32-26.5-35). Cut on sleeves, front boat-neck and back v-neck (I like back v’s!). It’s a printed pattern from 1958.

Simplicity 4249. Size 13 (31-25.5-34). The McCalls had the odd number sizing separate as Juniors’, here they are all thrown together, and generally go up an inch at a time. A halter dress and jacket. The skirt is one big rectangle, the bodice front and collar is all one piece (ok, two pieces – one for each side!), and the midriff band is one piece in front, but three in back. The jacket has the sleeves cut on. 1953, printed.

Butterick 6300. Size 14 (32-26.5-35). And I quote from the envelope back: “Season’s favorite fashion has charming feminine touches. Softly draped bodice, cut-in-one with the little cropped sleeves, is underscored with smart button detail. The skirt billows luxuriously from the tiny waist.” I hope the tiny waist thing isn’t a prerequisite for this look! It’s a full circle skirt (with even more volume, because the top is still pleated even with the arc!). The rest of the pieces look a little odd – it’ll be a puzzle putting this one together! No date on the envelope or instruction page – I don’t want to go through the whole printed pattern to see if it’s stamped on there somewhere. Stated price: 50 cents.

Advance 6712 (American Designer Pattern: Sylvia Franklin). Size 15 (Junior – 33-27-36) View 1 (the plain version) is recommended for bridesmaid dresses – even though it’s View 2 Girl who has the bouquet and hat-with-net on. Actually, if you used the jacket pieces instead of the bodice, this would be getting very close to the dress I’m trying to make now (which is a Leading Designer Pattern, but a different designer – must have been something in the water…). Unprinted, undated, 50 cents.

That’s all for today folks. Tune in next time for the further adventures of “what? a 32″ bust bodice fits as is??”.


3 thoughts on “Due to Popular Request…

  1. It’s so interesting to see the sizing variations; also that bust and hip measurements weren’t always the same!

  2. Thank you for posting about these patterns, I like the back v neck too. The 6300 looks like a real challenge!

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