And here’s hoping for a bit of a pick up in sewing speed from now on, June is half over, and the capsule contest requires more than 2 items!!

Sadly, my photographer was unavailable, so I tried to make do with the self-timer…

Not bad! Pretty decent on the colour, a little off on the clear line of sight (this was the best one!), and I am leaning back, which is making my stomach stick out more than usual. But nice general idea.

But general ideas are never enough, are they? So back to the bathroom mirror shots for a slightly more holistic view…

The view which says “clean your mirror!” and “iron your skirt first!” ;).

But even that isn’t really picking up the details, so here comes the macro shots!

And the nitty gritty, for my records should I try and repeat this one! (I spent half the project wracking my brain trying to remember what I used this pattern for before, since it had wheel dents from transferring things like pocket placement with carbon paper on it… finally remembered an ill-fated attempt at using “linen-look” polyester discount fabric for a knee-length version – it ravelled and pilled and was definitely not the kind of fabric you try to put patch pockets on – it’s long gone. But I wish I’d made notes then about what I did fitting wise! Then again, the answer was probably “nothing” :P)


Simplicity 9842, juniors (hey, it’s an a-line skirt, what’s junior sizing going to do to me?), what eventually turned out to be size 13/14 (which should not have been near fitting my waist… I suspect the dreaded Ease again!). The only funky thing I did with this is attempt to compensate for the sway back + pouch tummy by making the top of the yoke/waistband with less seam allowance on the front pieces and more on the back pieces, but since I only offset them by 1/4″ total, I don’t think it made any difference. There’s not much space to angle it anyway, it’s quite a narrow yoke, so to do it properly, I’d have to start from the side seams of the skirt on up. The main part of the skirt is in a very light blue cotton chambray, the contrast band is an intense blue stretch cotton. All in all, a pretty easy sew (yeah, I don’t know why it took me so long either).


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