Continuing Vintage Pattern Series

A random pull of 3 patterns out of the bag – and, oh, I’m loving every one…

Simplicity 4312, size 14 (bust 32), 1953. A little worse for wear inside and out – but how cute is the view 2 striped set?

Simplicity 1814, size 15 (bust 35), 1956, uncut. I saw it as a swing jacket, but it’s described as “Junior misses’ and misses’ housecoat, robe, and smock”. That wording confused me a little – but the instruction sheet labels both View 1 and View 2 (the only difference is the sleeve length, and view 1 has the piping) as “housecoat or robe”.

Butterick 7433, size 14 (bust 32). I can’t find any date, but the price is the same as the other two. I’m wondering if I could pull this off, if I decreased the fullness over the hips… I think there’s a reason they labelled this one “teen age extended bodice dress” – slim people look like it’s all the dress!


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