JCC Wrap-up

Wow, has it really been that long? Methinks there was a bit of a burn out after all that frantic activity!!

So the June Capsule Contest was a resounding success! Check out the flickr site for the official entries. Such eye candy – go grab a tea and watch the drooling! It’s unbelievable what some people can accomplish in a month, all around jobs and kids and life in general! Very, very inspirational.

That made it all the sweeter that I actually got Second in the Accessory category!!! My first ever prize for my fibre work, and during the first ever finishing of a contest… I might be hooked ;).

Thank you to Elizabeth for not only musing about the idea, but jumping in with both feet, hosting the contest, creating the framework, compiling the entries and votes, and even throwing in a monetary prize. That’s an awfully big undertaking for a new mom, and she made it look easy! We managed to fill two 20-page threads on Stitcher’s Guild during June, sharing the successes and the frustrations, and everyone who got something done felt like a winner. And those who came out with capsules in the end realize how neat this method of planning and execution really is – even if seeing one more blue swath of fabric makes you want to scream at the time!

I’m very happy to have participated – but I’m also glad that the SWAP contest (11 garments!!) isn’t for a long time yet!


2 thoughts on “JCC Wrap-up

  1. Congratulations! Both on finishing all of those projects and winning — the hat is stunning!! Do you get a “ribbon” to put on the pic of the hat? That would be cool 😉

  2. No ribbon – but that might be something to suggest for the big SWAP contest – there’s got to be graphics wizards on SG to make virtual ribbons!

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