Finished Object – Knitted no less!

(apologies for the less than stellar photos – it’s waaaaaay too hot here to be setting up photo shoots and wearing this more than 2 minutes!)

Details: the Katharine Hepburn sweater from Lace Style, heavily modified. Mary Maxim “Starlette” worsted weight yarn, acrylic.

First off, the sweater called for sport or fingering weight yarn (I can’t remember), so I did my usual graphing trick of printing out knitter’s graph paper in both the original and my gauge. I plotted the outline of each piece on the original paper by tracing out each step (every time it called for decreasing one, I jogged in by one square, work straight for 4″ was a straight line up for 1/4 of that since I was using 1/4 scale paper, etc). Then I laid the new graph paper over top, traced the outline, smoothed everything out into whole rows and stitches, and voila! new pattern. Which I then played around with some more, making the body length in between the two sizes, and making the ribbing part much longer. I’ll have to fix the buttonholes somehow, because the yo loop is too big for my buttons (I’m thinking of taking a piece of yarn and tracing around the hole and pulling it up a bit), but otherwise I’m pretty impressed!


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