It’s been a busy month an a half…

Between the two of us, we’ve dealt with 3 new jobs, 4 new courses, and a move. Phew. I think we’re almost getting to the point of having all the plates properly stacked instead of running around to keep them spinning!

There’s been a little bit of progress:

The vintage lace cardigan is 1/2 a repeat away from dividing for the neck!!

The Vogue Knitting lace cardigan sleeves are about 3″ away from the cap shaping. Turns out my row gauge was *way* off. I’ve had to recalculate the underarm increases so that I’ll still have the right number of stitches when it comes time to bind off, and I’ll have to figure out how to rework the front and back instructions so that the lace lines up still (since I’ll be starting the cap at a different point in the lace repeat). There are also a couple of errors in the pattern, which I’ll write about soon!

Nothing like rapidly cooling temperatures to have you figure out that a good portion of your sock collection is ready for the bin. Nothing like More Sensational Knitted Socks and leftover Fleece Artist Somoko to get me casting on my first pair of colourwork socks – um, wasn’t there a sock crisis? And isn’t this the absolutely SLOWEST way to make socks? Oh, except my other option, which is the knee-length aran socks I’m designing from scratch. Yeah. Third colourwork project is the speedy option!!

And in some cases, not so much progress:

Sad thing is, I need pants just about as badly as I need socks. Must.get.unpacked!

We will return to our regularly scheduled program of properly annotated posts, and more vintage pattern pics shortly!!


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