What does one do, when one has a pile of holiday knitting and hasn’t even started the holiday grocery list?

Sew, obviously.

The XL-men’s-shirt-to-puffed-sleeved-top transformation is complete. I’m almost in love.

There was one itty-bitty problem. Somehow, after measuring 3 times, I was completely off on the neckline opening for the collar. Completely.

So, it’s a bit creative. I’m crossing my fingers that the turned-and-topstitched centre bits (with selvedge binding inside) will hold up to the strain of the collar. I used zigzag satin stitching right at the join in case. And I definitely can’t wear this with the top button undone… actually there’s quite a few places inside I wouldn’t want anyone to see!! But hey, it’s a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants reconstruction, what do you expect?

It did turn out surprisingly close to my idea of it. I’m usually off on those mental sketches! I think it’s going to be my favourite SWAP piece.

(And in case Mitsy ever does read this blog – sorry. I am 2/3rds of the way done your present though – and it’s got bonuses! Hopefully will make up for the chance it won’t arrive in time :P)


3 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Your blouse is so cute. I think it would be my favourite SWAP piece too, if I was clever enough to make such a pretty top from a man’s shirt. There are no hints of its origin in the finished object. You must also have an agreeable feeling of recycling virtue when you wear it.
    I have lots of holiday sewing to do,and the SWAP, and guess what, I am knitting :).

  2. Congratulations! Ditto kbenco’s comments — there certainly is no hint of “what it was”!

    The fabric suits the pattern, too. Excellent choice!

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