Giggle… hmmm.

In yet another adventure into my mom’s estate sale findings…

ROFL. And yet? If I found one in a second hand shop for $3, I’d snap it up and wear it for giggles. And then probably find out they’re the most comfortable thing ever, and embarrass my DH by living in them.

Still, not enough fun to put days into it making it up from scratch. Especially since I’d have to grade it down by quite a bit (40″ bust). But if I ever run across a green paisley sheet set… (*snort* again – I’m not a fan of paisley. Really. But it does work well in this…? Can one say anything “works well” with this?!)

Added laugh? See that side label? “A POUNDS-THINNER” PATTERN. Yeah, because having a gathered waisted overskirt over your pants slims ya right down :P.


2 thoughts on “Giggle… hmmm.

  1. Ooh ooh ooh.. that’s not a gathered skirt over pants, it’s even better! It’s a wrap around pants jumpsuit! Totally cool man!!!

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