SWAP piece #3 done, dag nabbit

You know those projects that just don’t want to co-operate?? Yeah, this was one of those.

Black cotton gaberdine, my pants pattern #2 straight leg, loosely based on a Burda World of Fashion magazine pattern. A little tight at the moment – I need to stop living off of sandwiches and toast!

I had left this length of fabric for a long time, because it was perfect pant material, and I didn’t want to make something that didn’t fit or I didn’t like. So last fall when I made the navy blue pants I set out to cut out a pair in the black gaberdine at the same time. Well, considerably later in the day ;). Whipping along, I cut out the back, then pull up the rest of the fabric for the front, and whoops – so not enough! I cut things out on a piece of cardboard on my bed, so I don’t see the whole layout at once. Usually I’m good about pinning everything out first to get the best use of the fabric…

So, needless to say I was disappointed in myself! I packed everything away, thinking I may be able to selvage a skirt out of it later. Well, a member at Stitcher’s Guild pointed out that some of the patterns were showing pieced pant fronts – seams along the knee line for example. Couldn’t I rescue the fabric that way? With a lot of teasing and jostling, and a pieced inside waistband, look I just might!

Pieced front leg of pants – ended up slightly lower than the knee.

Away to the races! I traced off the scooped pockets from my Jalie jeans pattern, but otherwise used the same pattern as the navy pair. The other not-so-good thing about having cut out the backs in September – turns out the navy pants are too short, and that’s what I based these ones on. I did a 5/8″ hem, so it’s a little better… we’ll see how much it’s off and whether I have to get more creative than that.

So last night I was down to the buttonholes. That’s it.

Ummm. Buttonholes go on the top flap, silly. A quick zig zag over them, and sewing the buttons on top – no one is the wiser, but jeesh – how many errors can you recover from and still have a workable pair of pants???

Fingers crossed these look fine in the end – I really, really need to ditch the old stretch cotton black pants I’ve been relying on since ~2000 :P.


3 thoughts on “SWAP piece #3 done, dag nabbit

  1. Love that rescue idea!

    I think the “button on top of buttonhole” looks great — watch out, you’ll start a whole new trend!

  2. Well, you did it! Now you got the pants you wanted instead of the skirt you though would only be possible. Great. Instead of a turned under hem, you could sew a different piece of fabric (or ribbon) to it (with a small seam allowance) and turn this to the inside as hem. This might give you a few valuable centimeters…

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