Finally – a FO!

Lime green springy goodness.

This is where knowing how to reclaim yarn pays off – these used to be a cashmere sweater that went for $4 at a second hand shop because it had a couple of holes in it.  Now my feet feel like a million bucks and my eyes are enjoying something other than grey, brown, white, and sky blue ;).

(notes to myself: yarn held doubled, 2mm dpns, basic toe-up formula, 64 stitches around)

I did make a little foray into the sewing front.  Just because I’m not going to make the SWAP deadline doesn’t mean I’m not going to finish the SWAP… eventually.

My princess-seam button shirt muslin #1 (sans collar – and don’t mind the sleeves, they will be puffed like the last shirt, so they look a little funny without the elastic in; I was testing the armscye fit):




Not bad for a 4 year old draft… although there were a couple of puzzling things about it.  Like how far off my shoulder points I was (a good 1/2″, if you can see the pins stuck in the top of the sleeves), and the weird pouf out at the front neckline (which I’m going to take a couple of 1/4″ darts out and rotate them into the princess seam – yes, one, I don’t know why I drafted the pattern to have two.  Probably because it was “different”!).  The other problems are things that my basic drafting instructions wouldn’t take account of – like the fact that from  the waist down my circumference measurements are weighted rather towards the front ;).  The back picture looks like a sway back adjustment might be needed… except:


I ripped out the back seams to sort it out, and boom – the side seam pulled front.  I may still need a bit of a sway-back adjustment, but definitely a lot of that is the back getting pulled to the front.  The muslin is now sitting on the back of the sewing chair waiting for attempt #2.  Wish me luck!


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