It’s been over 10 degrees C a few times this week, so I’ll blame “Spring” on my lack of focus lately. Hey, we saw a robin, and the coltsfoot flowers are popping through the gravel – it counts! I will be wilfully blind to all snowstorms that happen between now and October :P.

1) I have a pair of men’s socks in test knitting at the moment.

2) I started my “jacket” for the SWAP – a knit vest:
It’s a very nice contrast to the chocolate brown wool bottoms – I’m excited to add it to the “collection”.

3) I’ve played with the shirt sloper:
(you know it’s really hard to take neutral pictures of your own back??)

I merged the four front princess seams to 3/8″ past the waistline, and redistributed the side seam (1/4″ in front, 1″ in back). Turns out, when I did that, quite a lot of the rest of the stuff went away. Even the front neckline doesn’t look as gape-y (although cutting off the seam allowance instead of finger folding the centre front probably helped that too – it’s not like I’m going to wear this in the end!). The back is looking fine to me now. I think. I should get the tripod set up!

Now I’m playing with the collar pieces – the first attempt was a pretty big failure. I was trying to redraft it based on what went wrong with the first one, but then I pulled out one of DH’s shirt patterns and saw that my corrections were going in the wrong direction (more curved instead of straight) – so I’m trying a smaller version of his pattern, and see where it gets me. Although pretty soon I’m going to have to get some outside inducement, this project is starting to get annoying.

4) I’m trying very hard not to put my Vintage Blouse on stoppers and using the needles to cast on another design idea – since it’s laceweight lace on 3.25mm needles too, neither of them are going to get done fast.

5) I’ve got a cabled jacket yelling “pick me! pick me!” now too – except I don’t think I’ve got yarn for it, and it’s about to be too warm to wear it.

6) Umm. I think 6 is all the things I’m supposed to be doing. Like work. And cleaning. And dinner. DH is going to get pretty annoyed soon – I think he’s been doing dinner for 6 weeks straight now. Thank goodness, or I’d probably have lived on peanut butter sandwiches! Why does my fluttery brain never settle on chopping for stir fry?


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