Around, and around, and around she goes…


I’m getting soooooo bored. Almost to the armholes, but still. Time for something else!!

Wait, what’s this behind the couch? Ecru cotton lace? Where my gauge was off but I figured out a way around it (note to self: getting 32 instead of 34 rows/4″)? Can I please have a time machine so I can explain to me what these scribbles mean in my project book?

OK, think I’ve got it:

(Apparently what I haven’t got is the sense to pin it out on a non-white surface and photograph it sometime other than night…)

These are the  sleeves to Vogue Knitting Holiday 2006 #6 “Tie-Front Cardigan”. There are several errors in the pattern so far, and last I checked their errata site there was nothing up. Chart 1 and 2 are missing the final repeat of the yarn overs (Chart 3 is right), the schematic for the sleeve has the length up to the underarm as 16″ instead of 18″ (I think the first section to the elbow is supposed to be 9″ instead of 7″, but since my row gauge is off I can’t say for certain), and Row 19 of the Frost Flowers Pattern should end with a k1 instead of a k2 (the Frost Flowers Pattern is actually Chart 3 with a 1 stitch garter edge). I know I was looking for something a little less mindless than the cable vest, but please people… I’m starting to think it is actually easier to design your own :P.

The fronts are started. More than half of the waist decreases have been done – then I had to stop and recalculate everything for the longer row gauge (I need 9 less rows over the 18″, which does make a difference! #%$@# I also have to make sure the pattern lines up with the sleeve cap bind-off position – that’s going to be fun…).

But it’s cute, right? I’ll do a lot for cute ;).

Speaking of which…

You see, there was this sale at the thrift store. Which means a packed house and long lines to the changing room. So I don’t bother – I mean, I’ll get creative if I need to, right?

I needed to :P. A very cute, fine wale, pink corduroy skirt. Kinda long for what I like. Which was good, because when I got it home, I couldn’t get it done up. No problem, just hack off the top and use the shaped waistband plus a little of it’s facing as a new facing. Needed to deepen the back darts, again no problem. I was a little worried about cutting off too much of the zipper, so I left that intact when I tried on the post-hack, post-dart, pre-facing skirt. Surprisingly, no problem – there was enough stretch in the fabric that the little 3″ zipper that was left was ok.

Stitch down the facing (the bottom part by hand) and…


crap. I can’t even blame the sewing machine for stretching out the top, because I pin basted the facing on and I didn’t have to move any of those pins. I think the thickness of the facing just emphasized the room that was there in the first try on that I didn’t see.

Now there’s a problem with the zipper – if I take that 1 1/2″ out of the waist, I can’t get it on anymore. And it was such a nice matching pink invisible zipper!

Last ditch effort: elastic!

OK, so it’s not the most elegant solution – but the option of taking out the zipper, inserting a new invisible zipper (ecru) in stretch corduroy, and reshaping the waistband… this works!

Especially since I don’t wear my shirts tucked in –


(And for those who know me – what can I say? Corduroy and pink. Two of my “eww”s. I guess tastes really do change!)


3 thoughts on “Around, and around, and around she goes…

  1. That lace is just beautiful! And I do like the pink skirt 🙂

    And I hear you re: I didn’t like that last year… there should be a study explaining that!

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