“Celtic Child-Iasg”: New Pattern!!

I’m very pleased to be able to show you the results from a recent collaboration with PurpleSage Designs as part of her “Celtic Child” line! A baby/toddler/young child cardigan with asymmetric opening and architectural neckline.  It’s all laid out on the pattern page here.

This one started out as a commission, not surprisingly as baby clothes don’t tend to leap into my brain unrequested.  A friend of mine really, really, really wanted a black sweater for her son – something with a wide enough neck to be comfortable.  Hey, no problem, right?  Never let it be said I do anything the easy way!

Since this all happened a couple of years ago, I’m a bit vague on the details.  I do remember fiddling around with a cable swatch, and thinking “hey, if I just changed this bit, it looks like a fish!”.  I do remember ripping out the top a few times until I got a shape that looked kind of like it did in my head. 


Iasg front view
Iasg front view

I remember long, frustrating sessions, trying to photograph black knitwear…


Iasg sleeve
Iasg sleeve


Iasg back view
Iasg back view


One session involving trying to get a 12mos sweater on a large stuffed bear…


Teddy Bear Picnic!
Teddy Bear Picnic!

Oh, my – I’d forgotten about the tea party staging!!


And a disastrous “live model” session:


Im so fast Im a blur!
I'm so fast I'm a blur!

7 month old babies in 12 mos sweaters who’ve learned the power of locomotion and are indoors leave all my HP camera capabilities in the dust.  He had fun though.  Which is good, because his 18mos old friend really wanted to put the sweater on herself if she was going to have anything to do with this, and her mom was a bit afraid of what the sweater would look like after that.  The little girl was not impressed.  I think I’ve got a bit to learn about child models!

PurpleSage has a better system – her model doesn’t run away.



Feedback from the prototype had me narrowing the neckline a bit so it will stay on the shoulders, and I added a third row of buttonholes, just because I thought it looked better.  It’s now sized from 12 mos to 6 years.






Now that all the bugs are worked out, other people can go straight to the good stuff!

Ravelry pattern link

PurpleSage link

PatternFISH link


One thought on ““Celtic Child-Iasg”: New Pattern!!

  1. What a great post! I put a link on the pattern page so everyone can read it. Thanks for sharing the process — love the model pics!!

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