Men’s Mod Socks!

Ever have one of those ideas that won’t let you alone, but every time you attempt it, it doesn’t work out?

This is not one of those ideas.  This is what came from one of those ideas.

There is a woman’s sock design which is still torturing me, and will see the light one day – but in the last attempt I made a mistake, and the mistake lead to:


As the first idea got ripped, and these put on the needles… about 2 seconds later I had a very large sock for my husband’s very large feet ;).  

Then I had Brilliant Idea #2 (don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?): make the second one top-down, so I could write up the pattern for both toe-up and top-down versions, with no extra knitting on my part:

men's mod socks - front

And they even brilliantly worked out with only two skeins of Knit Pick’s Essential. Probably because I had three.

The pattern is now test knitted and tech edited and released into the wild!  (Check out the pattern links on the sidebar. The stitch counts range from 64-76 so depending on your yarn and needle choice, will fit most women’s feet too.)

DH is delighted with the design (although a little annoyed with feeling the purl bumps – I think I have to make him an inside-out design!), and the original idea is still percolating.  Maybe it’s just not it’s time.


Ravelry pattern page – toe-up

Ravelry pattern page – top-down


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