Where are the boring knits when you need them??

As you can see, it was quite the month. The knit design deck has been pretty much cleared – everything else is still in the beginning write-up stage or the play-around-with-yarn stage. And real life just picked up in a big way, so things will be slowing down in that department.

Speaking of slowing down – my brain is fried. And every single project I have on the needles requires design decisions, complicated charts, colour work, lace (two projects – yeah, like I’m keeping them straight)… I need mindless. Stockinette. Preferably in the round.

Only one problem – all those projects? Have all my needles. And much of my yarn ;). I’m sure when my brain turns on, I could get creative for one or both of those problems, but that doesn’t help me now!!

staring at stash.


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