Smooth and Simple

La Petite Grue (image copyright Robin Dodge)
La Petite Grue (image copyright Robin Dodge)

La Petite Grue from MetaPostModernKnitting. Perfect, n’est pas? Mostly mindless (I’m converting it to in-the-round), but funky enough to pull something different out of my dresser in the end!


Pink cotton rescued from a Denver Hayes hoodie – wasn’t the nicest style, but can I say I’m impressed by their construction methods? So far, zipper cardie and all, everything except the back curve of the hood has been shaped separately and chain stitched together, the zipper was faced with a finer gauge stockinette strip, the pockets were chained to the zipper facing so they didn’t bunch up… almost a shame to pull it apart!

It’s just a little bit finer than the yarn called for in the pattern. I tried the 3.25mm needles called for, and thought my fabric was just a little too open (and see-through!) for the style. Strangely enough, going down .25 mm to 3mm was enough for the perfect fabric. I guess at these small sizes a quarter of a mm makes a difference! My gauge swatch says that gives me 26.5 sts/4″ – knowing that I always relax into my knitting, I calculated for 26 even, and decided to go with the second size anyway. Even though the designer suggested 0-1″ positive ease, I know how much cotton bags out, so I’m keeping the 1.5″ negative ease (actually, I would have gone farther – except the next size down is about 5″ negative ease, and that’s probably a bit too much for this top!).

Now I’ve got my “brain too fried to sort out new designs or lace” project! I can’t decide whether I want this to go quickly (it all of a sudden got hot here – I’d love to wear it now!!), or slowly (so I’ve always got a simple project to go to – wandering lost and knitless was a bad state of being, I tell you!).

Speaking of simple – I *am* sewing! I really, really need to work through some of the stash – so I put aside the button down shirt drafting and pulled out all my knits. Two knit t’s down, two more cut out, and the revamp pile to go – it’s just they keep ending up in the laundry pile instead of on my camera, so I have no pics yet. I guess that’s a good sign!

Now, anyone up for designing a solar powered sewing machine? I don’t think I have extension cords long enough to reach the front lawn of the building – it’s too nice to stay indoors!


One thought on “Smooth and Simple

  1. Nice pattern — know what you mean, though, about those times you really need something simple to knit/take along.

    Love your nature pics! Great eye!!!

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