Brain wrecked week

Exhibit 1:

At first glance, looking good, right? Well, I’m hoping it’s good this time. These are the fronts of the cardigan, just past the underarm bindoff. After ripping out the rest up to the shoulders TWICE – once for messing up the stitch pattern, and a second time for realizing that by-guess-or-by-golly isn’t going to work for changing the neckline decreases (both because my row gauge is off and because I started the decreases at the underarm instead of 2″ down). The calculator got pulled out, and so did all the stitches :P. So I’m now -20 rows from where I was two weeks ago!

Exhibit 2:
My mindless knitting

has only 2 1/2″ of mindless left to go. On 3mm needles?? I think I’ve been doing a heck of a lot of mindless knitting. I think I’m going to have to take a different project on the bus next week! (btw -> 11 deg and rain = too cold to knit on the ferry)

And no sewing done this week. I’m going to have to get to the point of organization where it doesn’t seem to require another class worth of brain activity to sort out my sewing – I figured the t-shirts would equal mindless sewing, but I never make things that easy on myself (heck, why deal with a tried and true pattern with new fabric and matching serger and sewing thread if I can hack second hand knit things and make up new patterns??). Sigh. Those 5 boxes of materials don’t seem to be going anywhere soon!


One thought on “Brain wrecked week

  1. Exhibit 1 is truly gorgeous!

    I’m afraid my sewing pile is in a true vegetative state! The fabric keeps looking at me and I’m afraid it feels truly slighted by the yarn that’s taking over the sewing room.

    Ah well, all in good time, I say 🙂

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