Remember SWAP?

(apologies for the terrible photos – after a couple of weeks of rain and no let up in sight, I had to go with the lighting I had; weirdly enough the flash ones were even worse!)

A long, long time ago (ok, March) I was facing the fact I wouldn’t be finishing the Plan in time for the SWAP contest deadline. Well, that was alright, the deadline was just there to get me to start, not necessarily finish (at least not all 11 pieces). But I still have the projects piled on my sewing table, and I am picking my way through… ok so I picked my way through one ;). It was my favourite out of the whole plan, and I’m very happy with how it worked out!
A brown t-shirt from freecycle (on which I didn’t like the printed stuff) and the remnants of a knit dress I made a couple of years ago paired with a redesign of the basic Jalie 2005 t-shirt pattern. And almost a perfect match to my brown corduroy skirt!! (Sadly not of my making, but since there’s no longer a contest to consider, I can pair it with anything I want :P)

So, pulling out the Plan:
Hey, closer than I thought! I illustrated more bottoms than the plan asked for (4), so once I get the brown pants done I’m set for those. 6 tops are called for though, so I’m a bit behind on that – I posted earlier about my muslin attempts at drafting a buttoned shirt, which has been slow going because it’s scary. Once I’m satisfied with it, that will be the basis of at least the plaid patchwork shirt and a blue or white cotton shirt. Then I’ll decide whether to make a second plain shirt in the other colour, or pull out the peach cotton for #5. Since I’m long out of the running for the contest, I’ll count my bought turtleneck as #6! The cabled vest has stalled due to boredom ;).

On the knitting front I finished the main pieces of the lace cardigan.
(sigh. apparently sunshine did once come through that window. equally apparently I haven’t blogged in a while!) The sewing up is going slowly. Sadly my attempts at reworking the start of the armholes and start of the sleeve caps to maintain the pattern matching in spite of my row gauge being off didn’t work. But that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Once the seams are done I’ll figure out what I’m going to do about the neck edges, if anything – I wasn’t too enamoured with the ruffle.

Before I sign off, a bit of pretty :). Due the lack of actual sunshine, DH brought home a substitute:
Isn’t he sweet?


3 thoughts on “Remember SWAP?

  1. That swap is quite an ambitious undertaking — that’s a lot of sewing!!

    The lace pattern for the cardi is very nice 🙂

    Love that little bit of sunshine!

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