More T’s

Because they’re the fastest way to use up the stash ;).

Both are refashions (the black one from a boxy-80’s T with disintegrating clear elastic, and the green from a dress). Both are made from my trusted altered Jalie 2005.
black frontblack sideolive frontolive side


3 thoughts on “More T’s

    1. Yes, both were made from second hand clothes (the first one was a boxy drop-shoulder t, the green was a dress). I’ve got a Jalie sewing pattern (#2005) that I’ve tweaked to fit over the years, then keep changing the design lines on. The sweetheart neckline is actually a copy of a Le Chateau top which finally died – I really loved it. All they did was a big scoop neck, with a 2″ piece of elastic sewn vertically at the centre front. The black cotton was quite a bit heavier than the original shirt, so it refused to gather very much, but I like it the way it is!

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