Not a SWAP…

Not even a Wardrobe in a Week. But since I need to clear the floor to cut out on, and since the new fabric (a) won’t fit in the stash bins, and (b) is lightweight summer stuff and I need lightweight summer clothes, it’s much easier to cut it all out at once.

Last night was the brown linen

brown linen

and the 3 metres was enough to get both a pair of wide legged trousers and a pair of shorts out of, even cutting around the dye flaw that I found 2 metres in:

McCall's 2101
McCall's 2101

with patch pockets instead of inseam

Simplicity 9060
Simplicity 9060

view C lengthened and without the lace-up pieces this time.

I haven’t made McCall’s 2101 before, so I pulled out my fitted pants sloper and tried to rework the pattern tissue to fit – fingers crossed. I cut 1″ side seams though, and with the looser styling I’m hoping it’ll be usable regardless of how my transfer went.

Simplicity 9060 is a favourite (“junior” notwithstanding ;)) – I’ve made it two or three times before and found it fit very well. The pencil lines on the tissue suggest I cut out between the 13/14 and 15/16 line on the hip and cut the rest out on the 15/16 – in regular patterns I generally start with a 12 and add a bit to the waist/hips. This time I pulled out the fitting tissue from my last set of shorts (the skort set from last year’s JCC) and tried to rework this pattern too. I may regret that choice, but hey – what’s life without risk?

Even though I really like lace-up stuff design-wise, I know from previous experience that this one is totally impractical. The two flaps that are laced together are just placed on top of the waistband and stitched down, and the lacing goes over the (velcro) fly. Darned annoying to undo every time you have to visit the facilities. So that’s staying off this time. I might later widen one of the flaps and attach it to the waistband with snaps… hmmm.

Fabric #2: thin cotton swiss dot

swiss dot

which is difficult to photograph

and was originally intended for

Butterick 6051
Butterick 6051

adding a 4th tier to get it to near-ankle-length. Just because I always wanted one. Impractical white be darned!

But it turns out I was off on my fabric estimate – I got too much. The hardships we face, eh? So I need to decide what else to cut out while it’s all spread out, and before any bigger wrinkles set in after the ironing two nights ago…

Right now I’m thinking something like


with the bands done in a blue stretch cotton I have in the stash. Will take some drafting though.


Simplicity 9107
Simplicity 9107

the gathered halter shown on the model. That’s going to need a lining – I think the ecru broadcloth would work.

Now, if I make it a rule that I have to finish the curtains before I can start sewing these, will it mean I get the curtains done, or will it mean I won’t finish anything?


One thought on “Not a SWAP…

  1. What can I say? I love all of your choices! I’ve been so buried in yarn the last year, your pics of fabric are making me want to veer into the fabric realm — speaking of curtains… 😉

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