Guest access to the Commercial Pattern Archive!

Thanks to Erin’s post yesterday on A Dress A Day:

“For ONE WEEK ONLY the Commercial Pattern Archive at the University of Rhode Island is offering free online access! Login with the username “guest” and the password “pattern”.”

Warning: get out your timers first  – you can get LOST in there! My first search was for adult women’s patterns from 1900-1910, and they had 121! Just the main picture and the shape of the pattern pieces (actually here’s where the older patterns are better – they note things like notches and put matching letters on the edges that are supposed to go together on the pattern schematics), but so much can be gleaned from even that.

So in that spirit, here are three more random choices from my vintage bin – seems to be a children’s theme today!

Simplicity 6531
Simplicity 6531


Not so old – 1974, and a good standard design I’m sure has been used for a long, long time. Something quick to  get on a squirming toddler before they’re off and running again ;). I didn’t realize, looking at the cover, that the tunic did in fact have sleeves! Pretty sure I had clothes like this as a kid.

Butterick 3163
Butterick 3163


Unprinted pattern (still in factory folds!!), no date. Is it just me, or do the leggings remind you of getting Randy dressed for school in A Christmas Story? They look awesome for keeping snow out of your boots – except I can imagine that having the stirrups underneath the arch would mean one slush puddle = soaked up to your knees from capillary action.

And my favourite –

Butterick 5110b5110_schematic
Butterick 5110

Again unprinted and undated, although it does look like this one was used. But the cover art is hilarious – older brother too cool for sailor suits tolerating baby brother’s attempts to play with him. And evil, evil neighbour boy planning something wicked… Sorry, but I don’t want to be anywhere near that boat when it launches!!

The bottom of the “blouse” has buttons attached all the way around – but I can’t find anything in the instructions to say that the pants had matching buttonholes in the waistband facing? And don’t be fooled by the ties – those are supposed to be purchased!

OK, I won’t detain you any longer – go check out the Commercial Pattern Archive!!


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