White Tiered Skirt Finished!

Why do these things always take longer than I think? Probably because if I thought they’d take this long, I’d never start them ;).

I will protest the “Quick! Butterick” pattern label. I was about to say, “maybe in comparison to a jacket, it’s quick”, but then noticed there’s a jacket pattern in there too!

Butterick 6051
Butterick 6051

Ta Da! OK, late afternoon on a rainy day isn’t a time for good pictures. The close ups are better!

Butterick 6051 Pattern
Butterick 6051 Pattern


Made out of a semi-shear swiss-dot cotton.

Exposed Seams
Exposed Seams

I just so happened to have a woman sit next to me on the bus last week in a tiered olive cotton skirt, and hers had exposed seams finished with the serger – perfect!! I’m so glad I saw this – somehow it makes it just a *little* less 70s.


I added a 3rd ruffle tier to get it past mid-calf – I was actually going for above-the-ankle, but even with the 2 1/2″ hem I think it’s about ankle-bone length. Measuring your own height is a tricky business ;).


Once again, moved “pretty” into “functional” by adding inseam pockets. At first I didn’t want to use the swiss-dot fabric for the pockets, thinking it would disintegrate too quickly – but my first attempt with other fabric showed how much the edges do show (since I’ve never managed to make my inseam pockets lie perfectly flat) on the bottom piece, so I switched that back to the swiss dot. The front piece is still the denser weave, so we’ll see how it holds up.


Did I mention semi-sheer?? There was no way I’d be able to wear the top half at least without some kind of backing (once there’s enough of the dotted stuff gathered up, it’s ok), so I cut a second set of the skirt top sections out of a white stretch cotton, and lengthened them to a little A-line skirt. In the posed photo you might be able to see it reaches almost to the second ruffled tier (I tried to get them to line up when I cut it out – may be the way it’s hanging, or may have been my “subtract seam allowances” math that got messed up).


The bonus part of that is being able to neatly encase the zipper.

OK, so I admit I might have made this a bigger task than Butterick intended. For one, slapping an extra 1/2″ on the top half of each skirt upper section and 1″ on each end of the waistband wasn’t the only thing I needed to get it to fit (umm, there might be some 1/4″ seams in there… shhh!). And Butterick didn’t line it or put pockets in, or draft a third tier. And, um, I may have not looked at the instructions. Not once. So I really don’t know *how* they intended it to be quick. But unless they have a super-dooper ruffler attachment requirement, I don’t think this one would ever be really quick – all those double lines of long stitches pulled up just so…

But this skirt has been on my wishlist since I was about 16 years old. Hopefully the weather holds long enough to wear it!!


4 thoughts on “White Tiered Skirt Finished!

  1. Love the skirt and you did a fabulous job. So what if you added extra steps, you made the skirt you wanted. And I don’t think gathering anything and having it look as professional as yours is something that is necessarily “quick”. Enjoy.

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