White Tank – now that IS fast

About 2 1/2 hours to sew up!!

Simplicity 9107
Simplicity 9107

There were a couple of challenges with this pattern. I bought it used, and the previous owner cut *everything* out on the size 8 line. I am definitely not a size 8. I basically doubled the distance between the size 6 and size 8 lines at every point and added that on to each seam allowance – that doesn’t quite work for size 12, since there’s a bit of a jump between size 10 and 12, but I often use size 10 tops anyway because some pattern companies put way too much ease into their patterns. Well, Simplicity isn’t one of them (at least not in this pattern), I ended up having to put those 1/4″ seams in the hip area again.
The other issue was the “elastic guide” piece was missing, and no mention in the instructions about how long the elastic should be in the back. So I put some 1/4″ elastic around my back, tightened it up for some spring, and measured it.
One change vs. the pattern: the woman/girl before me wrote on her pattern pieces “1 inch longer!”, so I did. Who am I to question experience? These pics show a 3/4″ hem instead of the 5/8″ suggested, and I think it’s plenty long now.

White Swiss Dot - Simplicity 9107
White Swiss Dot - Simplicity 9107

I ended up going back and carving out some extra room at the bustline (which never happens to me!), but it still looks like it’s pulling – I think it’s the elastic. I probably cut that shorter than they drafted for (there’s definitely enough ease in the bust area). So note for next time: 13″ is too short! Not short enough to pull apart though. If it bugs me too much this year, I’ll redo it next spring. If I were to remake the pattern again, I’d also add even more at the hip side seams.


5 thoughts on “White Tank – now that IS fast

  1. Very nice!

    I’ve started sorting through some of my patterns today and wondered why I was keeping all those wide-shouldered/ shoulder padded ones from the 80’s? So many patterns, so little time!!

    It all started when I decided to try and clean up my “studio” space 😉 — sounds like the opening line of a book!

    1. If you like the patterns, don’t be too quick to throw them out – the 80s are coming back you know ;).

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