Almost Back to Business as Usual

You know when it rains, it pours? Well, I’ve been drenched, but the bailing is making a dent, and the forecast is looking a lot sunnier.

I have been knitting. A lot. Unfortunately, almost all of it is secret knitting. I should be able to show off one in a week or so, and a second project in a couple of weeks, but the others are in the vault for quite a while longer. On the other hand, since I’ve abandoned the idea of handcrafted gifts this year, most of what I turn my hand to now should be fair game for show and tell!

My sewing table has been horribly neglected the last couple of months – including the linen shorts (90% done) and pants (cut out), and swiss-dot top (cut-out), which are sadly out of season now. Since there’s no where to put them away again except my summer clothes suitcase, I may make them up anyway. At least the bottoms – I really should jump on the wool pants I’ve had cut out since last winter, and actually have something to wear outside (who permitted that snowfall yesterday??? I’m sorry, but extreme weather isn’t allowed until I’m ready for it, you know?).

So in between oiling my winter boots and catching up on my day jobs, I will try hard to get actual photographical projects underway and be back as a proper distraction!


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