In a valiant attempt to keep the “ends” stash down (I know, the sacrifices I make…), I immediately took the 2/3rds of a skein left over from the vest and pulled out the calculator for girl from auntie’s celtic cap (Ravelry link here). There was a slight problem in that her charts were based on yarn weights from DK to Bulky, and this is Sport… so I added several extra rows in the cable pattern, but most of the extra length came from a twisted rib edging (almost 2″). It’s still a little shorter than I would like (I won’t be able to wear it in the depths of winter, because it doesn’t cover my earlobes), but I was down to the last few metres of yarn! How about that for stash busting??




Can you believe that my winter toque collection consists of a 2000 “Raise the Roof” hat and a plain dark green ribbed hat from high school? Pretty shameful for a knitter, if you ask me ;). This year I can be styling!


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