Sewing: shorts, pants, and a nightgown

Now, it might not look that way in my living room/sewing area right now, but I am making inroads! On top of finishing these, I put together a new 3/4 sleeved t-shirt (which looks like most of my other t-shirts, so I didn’t bother with the photo), and fixed popped seams in another long sleeved T (really, do use the stretch stitch setting, even if it does eat up 3x the thread…).

Last August we took a little trip out of town, with no real agenda. Saw some provincial parks listed on the map up the highway, so we headed north. Never did find the exits for those, so we ended up in Truro, where the highway ends. And almost first thing off the highway, with a grocery store to pick up lunch… was a Fabricville. With a buy-1-get-2-free sale. I mean, come on, I can’t go against fate can I?

I picked up brown linen, white dot cotton (from which I’ve already made a skirt and a top – have one more top cut out and ready to sew), and a swirly blue “unknown fibres” (which burned to say polyester if I recall correctly), which turned into much needed curtains. Wait, I didn’t tell you about the curtains?


Is now this:


Much better, eh?

Right, I was talking about the linen before I got sidetracked there. I managed to get shorts and drawstring pants cut out of the 3 metres, even with the dye flaw.

What’s turned out to be my favourite shorts pattern:
Simplicity 9060
has now been altered based on the pants pattern I’ve finally fit to my satisfaction. Not that it mattered much with the drawstring top, but hey, looking to the future it’ll come in handy.

(Please excuse both the tucked-in look (well, you can’t see the shorts very well otherwise, can you?) and the bad image quality (I may have to stop sewing for a bit and sort out a lighting system – it’s going to be a long winter for a north facing apartment!).)
linen shorts front

linen shorts side





















I actually cut out the pattern with the yoke pieces (they are topstitched onto the shorts body, which I always thought was a weird way to do it), but the linen is a really loose weave, and yokes always end up with a good portion on the bias due to the curve of the pieces. I couldn’t get them to lie down flat anymore! So I went with a theme, and made these drawstring too, by attaching the yokes right sides together, flipping them inside, and sewing down a 1/2″ casing along the top. The bottom parts of the yokes still flare out, but they are inside now so no one has to see them ;).

The pants pattern, I actually have no idea where it came from. For the longest time I thought it was my sister’s, but it’s not (she’d never get a L/XL anyway!).
McCall's 2101

Ah, well, mystery origin or not, out it came and I spent an hour on the floor trying to morph my fitting pants pattern on top of it (or was it below it?). Whatever, it worked – excepting the 2 1/2″ hem (better too long than last winter’s too short!!).
linen pants frontlinen pants side

















Not that you can tell, but I put patch pockets on these too. Going for the summer casual look!

Neither are going to be very useful outdoors until May, but the pants have already debuted in “slouching around the house”, and I have to tell you, soooo comfortable!

And the final finished object…

I had a knit fabric nightgown with a crocheted trim I bought years ago, and the elastic went and the fabric was getting dingy, so I traced it out on new fabric, added some length, and took the trim off to make a new version.

white nightgown
nightgown elasticnightgown crochet lace

Doesn’t look like much lying down, but it’s definitely got enough negative ease to provide lots of shaping when it’s on me ;). No, there will be no modeled shots!

Next up: fixing a mint coloured dress, and attempting the swiss dot top (drafted much of it myself, not sure how it’s going to turn out!!).


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