Well, when you are on a roll…

DH’s shirts were literally falling apart, and he’s a tall guy who keeps getting a cold back because his shirts don’t always meet his pants when he sits down.
6 T-shirts and turtlenecks

So I pulled out all my knit fabric, and it turns out I had more than I thought! The main thing that had held me back so far was that I didn’t have a pattern for a regular t-shirt for him (I had made him a turtleneck before, but it didn’t quite fit as is). I do have a book “Fundamentals of Men’s Fashion Design: A Guide to Casual Clothes” (Roberts & Onishenko), but by the time it got to knit tops, it stopped drafting by measurements, and just showed a sample size.

It was one of those hold your nose and jump projects.

I compared the standard size chart to the sample pattern, figured out where to increase, then compared that to DH’s tees he already had, then added another few inches to the bottom. Then made up a short sleeved, V-neck version to see what needed tweaking. He had no complaints! In fact, I haven’t been able to get it back, which is why it’s the “+1” – it wasn’t available for the photograph!

Back to the turtleneck pattern – Kwik Sew 3186. His main complaints were the “floppy neck” (Kwik Sew gives you two sizes for the turtleneck – one for ribbing and one for self-fabric; turns out the self-fabric version is pretty much the actual neck size, which in stretchy knit is going to act sloppy), and sleeves that were too long (my fault – I lengthened them and got carried away ;)). So guestimating how much to take off the turtleneck had me between the “S” and “M” sizes, vs. the “L” I cut out originally, so I checked what the difference in the necklines were and cut out an “M” neckline. The yellow (“cycling jersey”) turtleneck came out of that, and it was a success!

So 2 blue V-neck long sleeved Ts followed (had to eek out the hems on the sleeves, those ones were a bit too short!), the berry short sleeved V-neck, a black turtleneck, and a black short sleeved T. He now has 6 more back warmers waiting for him!

The bonus of making your own shirts (besides getting enough length without drowning in them!), is there’s often enough bits and pieces left over for underwear –

I guess that makes 6+1 for me too :).


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