We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of the Arches socks (from More Sensational Knitted Socks).

One Arch Sock

This one was finished last year, using the two handed colourwork technique. The second one was started using the neat little finger bob used to separate out two yarns on the same finger, so I could pick both colours. Attempt one ended up way too tight, and another project came up with a deadline, so the second sock sank to the bottom of the drawer.

Looking for a break, I picked it up again last week, and sorted out how to knit the two colours on one hand without pulling it too tight, and merrily went on my way (really – it shocked me how fast it went), down to the heel. Tried it on at that point… oh. It could be pulled over the heel and up the leg, but it was looking awfully tight on the leg.

Before I went and ripped it out a second time and reknit, I decided to be smart and try the first one on. Should have been “try the first one on again“, but since it was both tight around and too short in the foot, one would have to conclude I didn’t really try it on the first time!!

Really, shouldn’t have been surprised, as working on 60 stitches on 2mm needles, with stranded work (which doesn’t have the elasticity of normal knitting) is pretty tiny. Just am baffled about why I got 1 1/2 (with the 1/2 done twice) socks done before I realized it.

But I’m not interested in trying this one for a third and fourth time. So the Fleece Artist Somoko is reclaimed…

and about to be made into Noran turkkilaissukat. Well, at least the colourwork chart. I remember the Yarn Harlot’s attempts at knitting a Finnish pattern – I’m just going to borrow the colours and stick them onto my tried and true sock pattern :P.


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